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So, because of the changes to Amzy's appearance and backstory, I need to make some changes to Amzy's powers, and make others more clear. With each form she takes, Amzy's powers and abilities change. She always will retain her ability to shapeshift in every form, just to be clear.

*EDIT* - I just realized that I forgot the most important of Amzy's forms... the very last one.

Changeling Form (Base) - This is Amzy's original form, which she rarely uses after she arrives in the Crystal Empire. In this form, she has very limited use over her dark magic heritage. She can use basic magic and some more advanced curses and magic with intent to kill and harm. Her cursed magic eye causes her some headaches, as the spirit of the unicorn that she killed still resides in the eye, and uses magical backlash to try and stop her, only to cause her to be more vicious.

Crystal Princess Form (True) - This is Amzy's true form, or the form she would have taken had Luna not disguised herself as Queen Chrysalis to hide from Celestia. In this form, she has full control over her Dark Magic, and she is able to command the loyalty of the Crystal Empire Army. Amzy is able to corrupt other ponies in this form, and even use the power from her cursed eye to send those she deems problematic to a place known as the Cursed Realm, a hellish place filled with the souls of the most evil ponies in the history of Equestria.

Nightmare Amzy/Evil Queen Amzy - In this form, Amzy commands the powers of the moon and the night, as well as having all her powers from her Crystal Princess form.

Curse Eye Mode - Amzy MUST be in her Crystal Princess form first before she can activate her Curse Eye mode. In this form, the cracks that cover the right side of her face extend to her whole body, and even take over the bottom 1/4th of her mane and tail tips. She looses all form of sanity, murdering on a whim, and sparing no one. She opens the Cursed Realm and lets the evil spirits and crazed ponies she's locked in there run loose. Her Curse epiosdes usually tend to last between an hour to a few days. Her Dark Magic also tends to go a little out of control when she uses it in this form. The only two that can ever escape from here in this form are her father and her sister, Loveless. This is the only form where she cannot use her shapeshifting powers.

God Mode - Exactly what it sounds like. Her coat becomes black as night, with white specks in it that mirror the stars. Her mane and tail return to a solid bright green color, looking like Luna's mane and tail only green. Her eyes glow white with purple smoke pouring out of the corners. Her horn tip is red, gradating to black as it gets closer to her face. She wears silver armor with green gems in the shapes of moons. Her wings are also massive, and her horn grows significantly. In this form, she speaks with a voice similar to her mother's 'Royal Canterlot Voice'.

Cursed God Mode - Also, exactly what it sounds like. She retains her appearance in God Mode, but her Curse Eye activates and the cracks show up all over her body like in Curse Mode, but her hair remains unchanged. She only ever uses this form ONCE in the cannon of Hymn for the Corrupted, so it deserves mentioning. If she does not return to her regular God Mode after a short time of using her Curse God Mode, it's rumored that she would be unable to control herself at all and destroy the world, including herself.


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Wow!  Thanks for the fave :D :hug:
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Ur welcome! ^.^
So how is my fav changeling doing?
AmzyTheChangeling Mar 16, 2014  Student Filmographer
Meh. I'm ok. Just a little peeved that no one is entering my contest or taking advantage of my contest fundraiser.
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